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that things will turn out all right. >> reporter: the pilot reported an engine failure near the johnson creek airstrip about 125 miles northeast of boise, idaho. dale smith's friend has flown with him several times. >> he's one of the safest pilots i know. someone i have no fear of flying with at all. i'm a pilot, myself, and i really appreciate someone who takes as much care as dale does. >> reporter: the family had spent thanksgiving in oregon and was flying a son to butte, montana. the five people on board are from the smith family. >> i would be very worried if they haven't heard from him. >> smith's co-workers say it was tough to concentrate throughout the day. >> reporter: just praying for a safe return. monitoring the cell phone activity there and hoping they will zero in on the cell phone activity and find the -- find everybody on board. >> reporter: if there is anyone who can survive something like this, it's dale. >> dale is smart, he's talented and good at what he does. so there is good reason to think that -- to hope that there's a happy ending to this. >> reporter: now the search
. david johnson has spent the last 17 years in and out of jail but now has a home at rubicon. he's out to prove andrew didn't make a mistake in hiring him. >> because i look real bad on paper, but if you come and talk to me and see me and look how i work, you'd love me. >> there are a few employees that i see that i know have been there for years and years. i see them with smile oons their face and i know i did the right thing four years ago by buying this bakery. >> they're peanut butter cookie squares will be sold at whole foods during the holiday season. dr. daniel bernardi joined navy then left in not to good terms. a trip to hollywood then getting a doctorate in film. but feeling poorly about how he left, daniel reenlisted in the naval reserves, ultimately leading to a tour in iraq. his is quite a story. but it's how daniel is telling other veteran stories that is our next story. ♪ the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> the people of honor were easy to spot. whether on full display or just hinted at. >> veterans are our family members. >> except for one man in the
afternoon. at around 3:30, the pilot reported an engine failure near the johnson creek airstrip about 125 miles northeast of boise, idaho. five people were onboard the single engine plane. all of them related. authorities say they believe the plane's owner, dale smith of san jose, was at the controls yesterday. this is a photograph of smith taken from the website of cordless communications llc where he's the ceo. rescue crews are expected to resume searching from the ground and the air when the weather finally clears. >>> also new at 6:00, cries for help may have fallen on deaf ears and countless children left in danger. that's according to a county ordered audit that reveals anywhere from 40% to 50% of calls to the child abuse hotline in santa clara county went unanswered. nbc bay area joins us in san jose this evening. stephanie, unanswered calls. how long was this happening? >> reporter: raj, according to that audit at least for more than a year, again, according to the audit that was ordered by county officials after getting tipped off by people who work here in social services. and n
attorney believes it was premeditated. >>> and in the fort worth star telegram woman killed in johnson county home explosion. authorities in texas believe a propane leak may be to blame for the blast. >>> in iceland armed police shoot and kill a suspect for the first time in that country's history. the suspect was firing a shotgun from inside his home monday. two unarmed police men were shot when they try ed to enter the man's apartment. iceland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. gun violence is extremely rare. the regular police force doesn't carry firearms and handguns are banned. >>> actor ryan o'neil is defending ownership of a painting depicting his ex girlfriend, the late farrah fawcett, he's locked in a legal feud with the university of texas. he says he has no intention of selling it. some estimates say it's as much as worth $30 million. >>> they don't call him big z for nothing. strongman pulled 12 cars setting a new world record. sound tough? he pulled 20 cars last year weighing more than twice his recent tug, but guinness did not count it because he used a ladde
johnson who face plants him. eagles come back to win 34-20 >>> s.e.c. championship, auburn wins in a scoring bonanza. auburn plays number one in the championship. state handed undefeated osu the first loss in 25 games. 34-24 in this one. with osu out auburn is in. how do fans celebrate? they burn anything in lansing. >>> standing ovation for bryant's first game in eight months. 9 points and 8 turnovers in 28 minutes of play. ross was not so rusty with this half-time buzzer beater. >>> a stunning revelation from scottish singing sensation susan boyle plus miley cyrus brings her wrecking ball to the jingle ball. >>> welcome back. right now the temperature in sacramento, the temperature in vegas, those locations are colder thanfairbanks, alaska. usually we get a warm southerly wind coming into alaska. should be about minus 12 for an average overnight low. very unusual stuff. snow possible. one to two inches across i-5. careful out there. >>> monday night football, the weather won't be too bad? >> i believe it is chicago. it should be very cold. >>> the slowest movie going weekend o
's are filling a big hole in their roster. theylp traded for jim fájohnson. c in 59i] opportunities. they alsoq signed a lefty to a two year $22 million deal. >> let's check inqq withjf righ mi. >> yeah,çó i am a righty. we're looking atfá a smooth eas drive, fog less of an issue this morning. we're settling in some spots and the rest of thet( bay looking vy good. not a lot of unexpected stuff, but we still have the construction north of 101 at 85, but we have reports off/i a new issue. it sounds like a fender bender but a van involved is still stuck in the second lain so there is slowing andÑi flashing lights. use caution, they have to move to the shoulder and we want everybody to be safe.q >>w3 thanks.t( >>> still ahead on "today in thi bay" breaking news out of boston where firefighters are battling a massive fire. >> a distress call unanswered. the latest onx#p search for a family after their plane vanished over idaho. >>> we continue to follow fire and firefighters still tryinge1 to mopw3 up. >>> a state will resume over the state of idaho for a businessman and his familyok who went mi
. dakota johnson, who will play anastasia steele in the 2015 release of "fifty shades of grey" movie -- don't act like you didn't read it -- is the daughter of which actress? >> b. >> no. i thought everybody knew that. that's a lullaby album. i don't know. >> a lot of people don't know that. melanie griffith. >> and don johnson is her father. the film started shooting, it will come out in 2015. they just shot the first scene at the coffee shop. as soon as they start doing those other scenes i'll let you know. >> please do. >> let you know. >> let's go over to kath. >> in the film "bridges of madison county," robert kincaid comes to town to, what, fix the bridges, tear down the bridges, paint the bridges or photograph the bridges? >> i think i should know. photograph the bridge. >> yes. i love that. >> anything with an accent is great. he was there to photograph the bridges. >> yes, he was. you've got to love clint eastwood. he starred, directed and produced this film. just a brilliant job. >> great, great movie. back across to kath. >> bunch of ladies are celebrating their 60th birthday. im
for our johnson's baby of the week. >> we love this. >> the announcements. we celebrate new mom ands new additions to their family. the first johnson family is memphis jax. he was born on october 8th. weighed 9 pounds, 9 ounces. he watches kathie lee and hoda every morning with mommy. >> our next baby is madison amira belgrave. she was born on november 18th in brooklyn, new york. her parents say they chose her middle name because it means princess in arabic. >> now to a baby born on october 14th, thomas wait hays. thomas was born needing a hair cut. >> i had more hair on me -- never mind. elaina faye rustler. this little darling was born on november 13th in evansville, indiana. her parents say that elaina loves to cuddle and is definitely daddy's little girl. >> if you want a chance for your baby to appear on the show, go to our website for details. >> you know we have sitting on a little sofa? we have one of our little adorable ones. this is our producer tammy's little darling ash lyn. >> and she's going to be in a fashion show! exciting. >> look how thrilled she is. now she's thinking,
, rather, for jim johnson. last season, the 30-year-old notched 50 saves in 59 opportunities. a's also bolstered their starting rotation by signing lefty scott tasner to a two-year, $22 million deal. meanwhile, we just received word they have pulled off another trade. they acquired outfielder craig gentry for a minor league prospect. >>> still to come, usually hockey fans toss hats to the ice to celebrate a big goal. why would thousands of teddy bears fly at this hockey game? to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. >>> you a hockey fan? not so much. maybe after this one. calgary hit -- they have a pretty menacing name, but they could also go by the monday abbinger teddy bear kings of the world. that's because the teddy bear toss tradition has been around 20
of the northwest this morning. karen johnson lives near vancouver, washington. she often listens to police scanners and tweets out information to help others avoid accidents and hazards on the road. well, yesterday she tweeted about a deadly car crash on i-205 and vancouver. as she updated her followers, she soon realized her husband was late coming home. she urgently tweet aid trooper on the scene who realized something horrible had happened. >> she started to realize she may know someone in that crash. >> i went to her and stwartd reading what she was focussing. can't find my husband. he is not answering his phone. at that point that's when i realized that this might be something that we want to deal with right now. >> the trooper rushed investigators to her house to tell her in person. at 3:50 p.m. karen tweeted it's him. he died. she says her husband has epilepsy. troopers say his car crashed the median and collided head-on with a pickup truck. the truck driver survived but was seriously injured. >>> he is best known for his action-packed films, and many are remembering paul walker for his gene
's got it. calvin johnson mñkes the catch. down around the 10 yard line. >> reporter: for much ofmf%e christmas. time to bundle up and hunker down for a long winter that hasn't officially even xdbegun. >> keep warm, everyone. >> reporter: the weather channel warns another blastq of arctic air ii make its way from the plains to the northeast. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> thefá winter storm on the et coast and our bay area freezing warning -- freeze warning,n34fç is, are the top stories on our 1 website. you can track the temperatures in your city there as well. just go to >>> so would you buy aok burned-out home for $400,000?r check it out. the owners are hoping to sell this one in san jose for that t r' san jose with why it might even be a bargain. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. well, it's very close toÑiçó downtown san jose and literally steps awayjf from san jose stat university.e1 two great selling points according to realtors we talked to. also, there isn't a whole lot of inventory in the bay area real estate market, but high demand.
-- karen johnson lives mere vancouver, washington, often listens to police scanners. yesterday she tweeted about a deadly car crash on i-205 in vancouver. she updated followers that she realized that her husband was actually late coming home. she tweeted a trooper on scene who realized something horrible happened. >> you started to realize she may know someone in the crash. >> yes. at that point i went and started reading what she was posting. can't find my husband. he's not answering his phone. that's when i realized this might be something we want to deal with now. >> the trooper rushed investigators to her house to tell her in person and at 3:50 she tweeted it's him, he died. she says her husband has epilepsy and troopers say his car collided head on with a pickup. the driver survived but was seriously injured. last night she was still updating followers tweeting my boys are finally asleep, i feel like a block of cement fell on me. then both my mom and mother-in-law left. tomorrow i'll have family over, tomorrow will be hard. i'll hear from the medical examiner, then thoughts went throu
it was in 1950. but it's also lower now in real dollars than it was under lyndon b. johnson when it peaked, nixon, ford, carter, george h.w. bush and president clinton. you don't need to go back six decades to find a real comparison. >> i think it's fallen in real terms, whether you reference it to truman or lbj. >> as for a plain old income disparity, the president sounded off on a widening gap. >> the top 10% no longer takes in 1/3 of our income, it now takes half. >> but is it really that skewed? '. >> it looks like the president is using a well regarded federal reserve study. the top 5% and 9% added up to almost 90% of all incomes. but the congressional budget office came out with updated filg you'res today. in recent figures, the top 10% o after all earners accounted for 76%. compare that to 1979 when the study started. and the top 10% brought in 29.9%, and you can see a trend developing here. most of the gains of the recovery have flown to the top. that's also been true over the last 30 years in which there's been a substantial increase in income and equality and an even greater increase in
:44. a sad and tragic story. karen johnson lives near vancouver, washington and often listens to scanners and tweets out to helpzv others to avoid hazards on the road. yesterday she tweeted about a deadly car crash on 205 in vancouver. she updated her followers, then soon realized her husband was late coming home. she urgently tweeted a trooper on the scene who realized something horrible happened. >> you started to realize she may know someone in the crash. >> yes. then i went and started reading what she was posting, can't find my husband, not answering his phone, that's when i realized that this might be something that we want to deal with now. >> very sad. the trooper rushed investigators to her house to tell her in person. at 3:50 she tweeted it's him, he died. her husband has epilepsy. the car collided with a pickup truck. the driver survived but was injured. last night she was updating her followers. she has many of them tweeting my boys are finally asleep. i feel like a block of cement fell on me. my mom and mother-in-law left. tomorrow i'll have family over. i'll hear from the me
of the playoffs. they added jim johnson, closer from the baltimore orioles. they got him in a trade for weeks. they added gregerson, reliever from san diego. they traded seth smith to san francisco to get gregerson. they're about to add a starting pitcher, scott kazmir on a two-year contract. they're improving the pitching staff. the question is are the a's going to turn around and deal starting pitcher brett anderson? what do they get for brett? wouldn't be surprised if they pull another trade. they may trade brett anderson. we'll see if they continue to add to make this year's team stronger. >>> let's move over to football. this weekend the top two teams in the nfc west square out, seahawks flying high in first place, 49ers trying to catch them. good for a little redemption after pounded in week two up in seattle. with all that said, 49ers are a focus on this sunday's opponent. >> we definitely want to come out at home and play well and show everyone what we could do against a really good team. so i think it could definitely be a statement game. right now, you know, our goal is to just fini
in late september an easy going half mile trail paved the way for the johnson family as they hiked through the forest in colorado. nature was at its best until the union sons crossed paths with its worst. >> we heard this large crack. kind of a cracking or a thunder sound. then we saw like a big chunk of the mountain slide down. >> reporter: adam rodgers was halfway up the trail when he saw boulders as beg as cars tumble down the mountain without warning. fearing hikers could be trapped, he called the 911. searchers arrived at the massive unstable scene hoping to find signs of life buried beneath the rubble. >> i heard a small girl cry out and i could only see her hand coming up through the boulder, so i immediately went over there and tossing off the boulders. >> reporter: the uncovered 13-year-old gracy johnson told rescuers her father dwayne shielded her in his final moments. >> her dad is a real he. >> reporter: saved her life. >> reporter: in an instant gracie lost her father dwayne and mother donna, both popular coaches, her sister and cousin were also killed. >> we may never get ove
after woman. >> a sad story out of the northwest. karen johnson lives near vancouver, washington, she often listens to police scanners and tweets information to help others avoid accidents and hazards. she tweeted yesterday about a deadly car crash in vancouver and updated her followers, she soon realized her husband was late coming home. she urgently tweeted a trooper on the scene who realized something horrible happened. >> you started the realize she may know someone in the crash. >> yes. i started reading what she was posting. can't find my husband, not answering his phone, at that point i realized that this might be something that we want to deal with now. >> the trooper wushed investigators to her house to tell her in person. in fact, she had tweeted as well it's him, he died. she says her husband has epilepsy. his car collided with a pickup truck. the truck driver survived. >> rescue crews found the body of a mill worker buried under corn. they had been looking for the body since a silo collapsed in washington on monday. that's east of olympia. since then t the two crews have v
johnson, several mascots were on hand to greet the kids. each family also given a $200 gift card to target. that's so cool. >>> and the holiday train operating by caltrans rolls into the bay area this weekend. this weekend brightening the path along the peninsula for the holidays. it's decorated with 60,000 lights, not carrying passengers. instead offering a live holiday show at several peninsula stations. caltrain encouraging people to bring a new toy or book for toy drives by the salvation army and the marine corps. 4:00 in san francisco and it will winds its way down to the peninsula. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. no 5:00 or 6:00 tonight because it is "sunday night football night in america." special edition of nbc bay area news after the game at 8:30. then xfinity sports sunday prime time at 9:00 and all the day's news at 11:00. anytime of day. see you next weekend. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! [ female announcer ] holiday coo
johnson trailed tiger woods by four shots with eight holes left to play. well, he rallied and boy did he rally when he hit this incredible shot on the 18th hole. hole in one to save par and force a playoff which he won along with $1 million. some are calling it a hail mary par. you should see the look on tiger woods' face as well. >> as long as they didn't read his lips. >> exactly. congratulations to zach johnson. >> that's an amazing shot. >>> mr. roker has more of the weather forecast. >> that's right. this freezing rain is causing more problems. we're seeing an update as far as people without power, now it's close to 100,000 as freezing rain bringing down more branches, more power lines. difference between this year and last year, the arctic air. we have had this arctic air come in and just sit so that we're looking at temperatures that are anywhere 10 to 50 degrees below average. the jet stream has taken a big dip to the south and it is just staying there. so we're not really seeing much in the way of changes. in fact, to give you an idea of how bad this is, anchorage, alaska, a hig
johnson and jamie dornan were pictured on the set in vancouver on sunday. the movie will be released valentine's day 2015 and producers plan to put out two versions. there's an r version and then the nc-17 version. one producer said doing an nc-17 version will allow film makers to stay true to the book and please the fans that want a little something dirty. >> i like how you changed the script from literature to book. >> that's not literature. >> i couldn't get over that part. >> i want to know how they plan on pulling an r rating off to begin with. >> i started to read the book and i put it down. it's a little steamy. >> read it again and again. >> i would amend this and add this to the book. >> we want you to go to our facebook page and let you know what version do you plan to see? do you go to the r or a little dirty and go nc-17? >> you're going to nc-17. >> you don't want someone else saying did you see the other version? it's too much. >> or maybe not. >> let's keep it classy. >> too late. >> in north carolina they kept it classy. viewers watching their local news in bismark, a
customers. >> miss johnson. my favorite people. always in a very pleasant mood. >> thank you. >> reporter: there is one area, though, where he comes up a big fat zero. tom has never had an accident. but now he is facing the biggest challenge of his career, me. >> come on in. >> i'm your christmas help, tom. >> i was expecting a much younger man. >> reporter: his doubts were well founded. >> this isn't working out. >> reporter: i suited up to help out with the run up to christmas which can mean up to 32 million packages a day for big brown and tom camp who took me on his route where he is the safest driving on a precautious road. >> what do you think when you see people texting and talking those things. >> they'll pull up to a red light and they'll sit there and you can see their head down and it just urks the living hell out of you. come on, drive, you know? can't you wait until you get home? >> reporter: for the people here it's not his safely record or the years or the mileage, it's his humanity. so close to the michigan campus, customers raz him about his allegiance to notre dame. >> n
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)